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Varicocele is also termed as Bag of worms due to its appearance, it is basically  it is dilation and enlargement of pampiniform plexus of spermatic cord. This is present inside the scrotal which drain the testicles. Its is soft to touch, but causes pain. The intensity of pain increases during standing position. Its is very common between 14-26 years of male, left spermatic cord is more prone than right one.

It forms a soft, elastic swelling that can cause pain. It is most common in men between 15 and 25 years of age and affects the left spermatic cord more often than the right, incidence being 88% . Varicocele is most pronounced and painful in the standing position.

Varicocele is on the left side in 90 percent of cases.

In many case varicocele is misdiagnosed as hydrocele, in hydrocele there occur accumulation of fluid due to either over production or less absorption. As per Dr.Abhishek you will find history of injury in case of hydrocele in good number of cases. It is a major contributing factor for Infertility in males. As per research study conducted at Aura Homeopathy clinic & research center out of 100 males suffering from Infertility- 38% cases are because of Varicocele.


1.Large varicocele can be diagnosed on the basis of physical examination



2.Moderate-sized varicoceles may be detected during physical examination by palpating the area. As per Dr.Abhishek it should be diagnosed in standing position as during standing position varicocele is more prominent.

3.Small varicocele

•   Doppler ultrasonography

•   Thermography.

•   Veno-gram

Varicocele Homeopathic treatment

Action of Aura Homeopathy is very promising in small and medium sized varicocele. Patients usually come to s after there surgery failure, complaining that even after gone through surgery, there condition is still same, they are still unable to conceive. And our minute homeopathy work’s wonders for such patients.

As per Dr.Abhishek Varicocele treatment should be start as early as possible, as more you delay more worse it become.

Aura Homeopathy medicine works on two sphere:

1.It increase the elasticity  of the veins, which there by increase the proper circulation and prevent stagnation of blood.

2.It stop further progress of condition

3. It reduces swelling and pain

4. Lower down the temperature of testicles which is favorable for sperm production.

So before you go for surgery try homeopathy.

There are 27 homeopathic medicines which give best result. Though, the right choice of medicine and improvement depends on experience and correct judgment on the part of the Homeopathy. The treatment is based on complete case taking and proper repertorisation of the case.


Allopathic treatment

Surgery is the only option as a treatment for varicocele, though few patient find difference in number and Quality of sperm count.


Complications of surgery

  •       Hematoma .
  •       Hydrocele .
  •       Infection .
  •       Injury to scortal tissue or artery which supplies the testicle.

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